Western Groundwater Surveyors specializes in geotechnical building pad services. We can help create a flat surface for a structure or agricultural purpose. We have the experience and knowledge in geotechnical services, compliance, and permitting to make sure your building pad construction is successful. First, we investigate soil, rock, and fault distribution. We also look at the subsurface conditions of the site. This analysis allows us to determine how your proposed construction will interact with the ground beneath it.

We also need to determine values for vertical bearing and active and passive lateral bearing. Further, we need to make sure the site is safe. We assess the risk to people, property, and the environment in the event of natural hazards such as earthquakes, landslides, and rockfalls. It is also important to understand the likelihood of sinkholes, soil liquefaction, and debris flow on your site. We can also ensure that your site has adequate compaction.

How Do We Locate Groundwater?

We locate groundwater with the low-impact electro-seismic method. By planting electrodes in small holes and sending a sound wave into the earth, we produce a clear understanding of what lies beneath. We take the mystery out of the search. You will know where to dig and how much water you will find there. We are fully insured and members of the North Coast Builders Exchange and the National Groundwater Association. All work is supervised by state-licensed geologists. Though our methods are scientific and proven, we are good communicators and just plain friendly!

If you need building pad services or are looking for water on your site, email us today at info@gwsurveyors.com or call 707-837-6247.

We service greater Bay Area, the Sacramento Valley, the Sierras or on the north coast.