Seeing the drive and endurance of a steelhead trout as it navigates a river or stream to return to its spawning ground is inspiring. To provide a dependable environment for these and other splendid creatures, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife manages the habitats that animals depend upon. Farmers, ranchers, and growers often need to work with CDFW to make sure that they follow environmental regulations.

This process can be like swimming upstream in changing currents with many different obstacles. Making it through the process requires inspiring quantities of resourcefulness. We have helped more than 50 operations in NorCal become permitted by CDFW and SRWB. We have also built connections within these systems and have a deep understanding of how they work.

Cannabis growers applying for an annual license from the California Department of Agriculture must have a Lake and Stream bed Alteration Agreement. If you think your project does not modify any rivers, streams, or lakes, you can apply for self-certification. You will need to provide the location, description, water source, maps, and photographs of your project. Being denied self-certification means that you will have to apply for a General Agreement, Standard Agreement, or others, including the California Endangered Species Act, the California Environmental Quality Act, and laws regarding specific species and habitats.

As you can see, it can become daunting for the inexperienced very quickly! We have seen it all and can make it possible for you to acquire the permits you need. We will be sure to understand the complexities of your particular location and to give you advice and guidance you need. To give yourself every opportunity to make the process as efficient as possible, call 707-837-6247. For more information, email us today at

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