Groundwater Surveyors

Are you a northern California home or landowner whose well has gone dry? Are you a developer in the greater Bay Area, the Sacramento Valley, the Sierras or on the north coast who needs to locate well water on your site? At Western Groundwater Surveyors, we help realtors, investors, farmers, growers, utility companies, engineering firms with our scientific and proven method for finding groundwater and environmental services.

Until now, dowsers were your only alternative to drilling holes until you hit water. For a fraction of the price of digging a dry hole, we can survey multiple locations on your site. We can tell you where and at what depth you will find water. The electro-seismic method is very low-impact. We set electrodes in the ground in very small holes. Signals that return from a charge determine water depth and yield and don’t damage your property. For the cost of a single waterless hole in the ground, we can survey up to eight locations on your site.

State Licensed Geologists

When you hire our team, know that all work is supervised by state-licensed geologists. We are members of the North Coast Builders Exchange and the National Groundwater Association. As an owner-operated business, we address your needs and pay full attention to your project.

We are personable and professional. We take pride in our ability to learn, listen and find solutions for your water challenges.

Western Groundwater Surveyors specializes in:

For more information about groundwater surveys before you drill and our inexpensive, non-invasive method, send us an email at or call 707-837-6247.