At Western Ground Water Surveyors, we specialize in the design and planning of residential water well systems for Santa Rosa homeowners. We take the mystery out of searching for groundwater. We can survey up to eight sites for the same cost as drilling one hole with our scientific and proven electro-seismic method. It produces a complete, accurate picture of where and how much water is on your site. You no longer have to “drill ‘till it fills” or hire a witcher to walk the property until a rod or stick tells them: “Dig here!” Our proven method, joined with our full slate of geotechnical services, provides our  Northern California clients the most accurate groundwater analysis available.

Throwing money into a dry hole is discouraging and expensive. To find you a viable location for your home water well we study existing geologic maps and cross-sections. These give us an understanding of what is already known about your site’s geology. Next, the use of aerial photographs increases this knowledge. Then, we determine the location of adjacent wells. We send a compression wave into the ground providing a detailed look at water depth, thickness, and quality. The data is interpreted from signals obtained using our specialized equipment.

We take the needs of our customers very seriously and take great pride in our focus on every detail of your project. If you live in the greater Bay Area, the Sacramento valley, the Sierras or the north coast, this means no more futile drilling for your home water well. We have built solutions for the most vexing water and geologic issues by combining our groundwater services with a wide array of geotechnical services. Do you have questions? Are you interested in learning more about residential water well systems in Santa Rosa? Call us at 707-837-6247 Email today!