If your site cannot connect with existing municipal water or sewer systems, you will need to locate a steady source of water and have a septic system for your wastewater. At Western Groundwater, we are experts in groundwater location and septic system design. We have built a reputation for the efficient, cost-effective location of groundwater.

Septic System Design Services

But many people don’t know that we also have a wealth of experience and knowledge with septic systems. Our septic system design services allow you to consider every element of wastewater disposal. A percolation test assesses the rates of absorption and permeability at your site. The soil must be able to absorb water at a specific rate to be considered safe for the environment. Low soil permeability can cause a septic tank to overflow during a storm. A wet weather groundwater test ensures that your septic system will not fail during periods of heavy rainfall.

There are also many types of systems, depending on your needs, soil condition, and space limitations. A conventional system consists of a septic tank and a drain field. It is primarily used for single-family homes with enough room to have the drain field located far enough from the well and existing groundwater. If you have shallow soil depth, bedrock, or high groundwater, a mound system contains a septic tank, a pump tank, and a sand mound. Waste water is pumped into the mound and filters down into soil. There are many more, including chamber, drip distribution, aerobic treatment, and recirculating sand systems. We can help you sort through your many options and allow you to make the best choice based on the geology of your site, needs, and budget.

We serve a large area that includes the greater Bay Area, the Sacramento Valley, the Sierras, and the north coast. That means we have experience in nearly every type of northern California geology. For groundwater location and septic services, call 707-837-6247 or email us at info@gwsurveyors.com.