Are you designing a foundation, embankment, or a storage system for hazardous waste in northern California? Are you trying to decrease soil erosion or deal with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife? These are some of the projects our geotechnical consulting services address.

Other projects include:

It is critical to have a solid analysis of the soil when you are investing valuable resources in a project. We help homeowners, developers and so many others get a full understanding of the ground beneath their building site. You will have a solid base for your project when you combine these geotechnical engineering services with our services.

Our team is fully insured, so you can rest assured that your project is in good hands. We are also a member of North Coast Builders Exchange and the National Groundwater Association. State-licensed geologists supervise all the work we perform. We always strive to take care of the needs of our customers. We pay full, detailed attention to your project. We have built our business on listening to and learning from each customer.

Our methods are scientific and proven, but we are also personable and approachable. We have gained permits for more than 50 cannabis operations because we have experience with, and contacts within, the CDFW and SWRCB. We also find groundwater with the low-impact electro-seismic method. The method involves planting electrodes in small holes and sending a sound wave into the ground. This produces a “picture” of what lies beneath so you will know where to dig and how much water you will find there.

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