What are your water rights? Do you need a water right permit? Why does the state require users to have a water right? These questions are just the first of dozens of questions landowners, developers, farmers, and ranchers ask us. Our Surveyors have the experience and hard-earned knowledge needed to help you navigate the complex world of water rights. We listen to each client to get a greater understanding of their needs and pay attention to every detail. We have helped dozens of northern California clients sort through water rights issues. Whether it’s Small Irrigation Use Registration, Small Domestic Use, or Appropriative Water Rights.

What are water rights?

A water right is legal permission to use a reasonable amount of water for swimming, fishing, farming, or industry. If you take water from a lake, river, stream, creek, or underground supply, California Water Code requires that you have a water right. California law is complicated and you may have a water right without having a water right permit. Water is protected for the use and benefit of all Californians. It is not owned by individuals, businesses, or the government. But permits, licenses, and registrations give individuals the right to use certain amounts of water.

SIUR requires that agricultural operations register small irrigation use, including direct diversion and diversion to storage. SDU provides that no more than 4,500 gallons per day can be diverted for direct use or into a pond or tank. This, though, can be further limited in certain waterways. Appropriative water rights require new users to state where the water will be diverted, where it will be used, and what it will be used for. Riparian rights are notoriously challenging and contested. Having an expert in your corner for all of these issues is critical!

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