Ponds require much more than digging a hole and filling it with water. The pond design services we provide at Western Groundwater surveyors allow you to maximize the value of your pond. Is your pond just a landscaping feature—a way to add beauty to your property? Did you know it can also be used for fire protection and erosion control?

This is also true of farm ponds that are primarily used for irrigation, livestock, or frost prevention. By making a full analysis of your site, you can be sure that you get the most from your pond. Our comprehensive experience allows us to foresee needs and circumstances you might be unaware of. Expert planning is essential before you move any dirt, including an in-depth understanding of soil and subsurface conditions.

But pond design consultation doesn’t stop there, especially in northern California. We can move you forward in your compliance with State and Regional Water Boards and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Because water discharge from plant and animal operations can pollute surface and groundwater, farmers and ranchers must comply with the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program.

Cannabis growers face a special set of regulations. These include Water Code section 13149 and section 26060. Water Quality regulations include management of runoff, over-fertilization, pond failure, grading, and road construction, among others. Different agencies call this General Order a Water Quality Permit or Water Quality enrollment. And this is just the beginning, we like to say that we have seen, and guided our clients, through it all!

We are here to help you understand each aspect of the planning, construction and permitting process. Whether your pond is to beautify your property or for agricultural purposes. Before you dig and fill, email us at info@gwsurveyors.com or call 707-837-6247.