Our engineering services provide clients with sound geotechnical analysis based on extensive experience and knowledge and thorough field exploration with the most advanced equipment and methods. We focus on creating effective and efficient solutions for our customers. Our goal is to help decrease operating costs and to improve safety and productivity. We deliver thorough geotechnical evaluations for building pads, pond design, septic system design, foundations, retaining walls, and slope stability.

To prove our strong commitment to this work, a senior geologist is dedicated to these services. These include geotechnical soil reports, compaction testing, and landslide investigation.

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  • Home And Land Owners
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The Groundwater Engineering Experts

We combine evaluation of current site knowledge and the electro-seismic method to fully understand what lies beneath the surface of your land. For the cost of a single dry hole, we can make up to eight surveys of well locations. You can then make an informed, cost-effective decision where to drill. Groundwater does not always follow surface topography. It follows pressure gradients—from high pressure to low—through fractures and conduits that are impossible to detect without the proper equipment and methodology.

Traditionally, groundwater movement was looked at independently of other conditions and forces. But more recently there have been associations with surface water, water chemistry, soil moisture, and even climate. As members of the North Coast Builders Exchange and the National Groundwater Association, we are dedicated to understanding all the facets of your site and project.

If you have general engineering services or groundwater consultation questions or want to talk about your site in northern California, give us a call today at 707-837-6247 or email us at info@gwsurveyors.com.