Are you a northern California vintner looking to upgrade your winery wastewater management? We can help you save money and reduce environmental impact. This ensures that you stay within compliance of regulations. It will also help you recycle your water efficiently—ever more important in a place where water is scarce. For vintners, it is critical to have a partner for cost-effective winery wastewater treatment solutions. Western Groundwater Surveyors has a wealth of experience to help large and small wineries build wastewater management solutions!

Winery wastewater treatment solutions can make you confident that your wastewater is within compliance regulations. At Western Ground Water Surveyors, we are an owner-operated business, we focus on your needs and pay full attention to your project. We are personable and professional and take great pride in our ability to learn, listen and find solutions for your waste water challenges.  We are fully-insured, state-licensed geologists and members of the North Coast Builders Exchange and the National Groundwater Association. We also specialize in environmental compliance for the cannabis industry, geotechnical soil reports, landslide investigation, field density, California Department of Fish and Wildlife compliance, state and regional water board compliance, water rights, pond design, and septic systems. For more information about winery wastewater management, send us an email at or call 707-837-6247.